Vision and Values

DC14388Our vision and values are simple – to provide the very best education and care for the children that we serve. We believe that education holds the key to the future of every individual in our society. We believe that Primary school education lays the foundations for a person’s future and we take very seriously our role in helping to create well rounded young people and citizens of the future.

At the heart of what we do is our curriculum. We have designed our curriculum with both excellence and enjoyment in mind. We recognise the importance of the core skills of reading, writing and maths but we are committed to delivering these in such a way that children can also find enjoyment in them. Creativity, sports and the arts contribute hugely to the creation of happy, fulfilled individuals and as such, are embraced within our curriculum offer.  

Personal success is something that we believe every child has the right to experience. It is not exclusive to the most able. Part of our job is to harness the individual talents of every person and to celebrate the uniqueness of each child.    

Our small classes allow us to place emphasis on developing each child to reach their full potential. We encourage a friendly atmosphere in which the children can play and learn together. Relationships are paramount. This extends to the child’s whole family. Together, in partnership we can learn and achieve in harmony.

Our Vision:

  • Manners and Etiquette  
  • High Aspirations
  • Positive Relationships
  • High Standards
  • Enjoyment
  • Development of the whole child
  • Small class sizes; personalised learning

Please follow the link below to read the message from our Head of School Mrs Whittle relating to our values:

The Linden Academy Values

British Values at TLA

British Values at TLA

Pictures to show examples of British Values in practice

British Values at TLA Poster

British Values Assembly Presentation


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