Pupil Awards

House Poetry

An annual event to celebrate poetic works takes place in the form of a recital by the Houses at The Linden Academy.

Please click on the links below to view the poems performed by each House.

St Patrick's Poem

St Andrew's Poem

St George's Poem

St David's Poem


A Poem by Ibrahim - Year 1

"There comes a butterfly and lays an egg,

Out came a caterpillar with many legs.

A little chrysallis to sleep in ....

then from the chrysalis, my oh my....

Out comes a butterfly!"

Good Work Gallery

Please see below for examples of the work of the pupils.

W/C Monday 02.10.17

Year 3:

Zuhaib Mazhar & Amna Hussain - Maths work

Ola Marcys - Drawing of a Parrot

Year 4:

David Ademefun, Zahra Ejuetami, Zoran Martelly, Aadam Manze - Galleons from Adventurers & Explorers

Year 5:

Tino Gutu, Zoraiz Jewad, Jada Stephenson - Work on Ancient Greece

Year 6:

Shakirah Chaudary & Ella Curtis - Japanese Felt Characters






Pupil Weekly Awards

Our Stars of the week will generally be shared with you on a weekly basis. Where there is a special event in school, then the awards may be shared less frequently.

Weekly Awards 22.9.17

Virtues Awards

The list of pupils awarded a "Virtues Owl Badge" for consistently showing our focus virtue, will be shared with you on a half-termly basis.


"Tea with the Head of School"

On a half termly basis, class teachers will nominate one of their pupils to attend this sought after event. The event is the highest reward according to TLA Rewards Ladder. The children will enjoy tea and cake as they chat with Mrs Whittle.