Parental Involvement & Support

Information for Year 7 Entry for Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools

Please see the link below for information presented to parents interested in an application for their child to attend one of the Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools in Year 7. The Linden Academy are fortunate to be able to have "Partner School Status" with the Bucks Grammar Schools. The benefit of this is that pupils applying may sit the entrance exam at The Linden Academy as a familiar setting.

Bucks Grammar Schools Parent Information Powerpoint


Example Timetables

Year R Timetable

Key Stage 1 Timetable

Lower Key Stage 2 Timetable

Upper Key Stage 2 Timetable


Key Stage 2 PE Lessons 2016-2017

Children in Key Stage 2 should wear their PE kit to school as their uniform for the whole day on the day of the week that is their scheduled PE lesson as shown below. If there are any variations, families will be advised in advance.

Monday: Juniper (Miss Moses), Hawthorn (Mrs Ali/ Mrs Khan-Iqbal, Maple (Miss Ahmed)

Tuesday: Elder (Mrs Brown), Poplar (Miss Isles), Hazel (Mr Dickerson)

Wednesday:  Birch (Mrs Manze), Aspen (Miss Lunn), Alder (Mrs Bascombe), Pine (Mr Boxall)

Thursday: Oak (Mrs Edwards), Willow (Miss Gaduj), Year 5 extra session

Maths Curriculum Information

Addition booklet

Subtraction booklet

Multiplication booklet

Division booklet


Other Useful Documents

Parent Handbook 2016-17

Home School Agreement

Homework Update 2016-17

E-Safety Leaflet

OOSC Brochure 2016-2017

Out of School Club Booking Form


Reading Information and Advice for Parents

Reading Information Presentation


Online Learning Resources

Modern technologies have a substantial role to play in consolidating your child's school learning when they are in the home environment. The documents below give details of links to websites that we use in school that can also be accessed from home. The documents are specific to individual year groups or Key Stages.

Years 1 and 2 Online resources

Year 3 and 4 Online resources

Year 5 Online resources

Year 6 Online resources