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A challenge for the half term:

Learn by heart the classic poem 'Buckingham Palace' by A. A. Milne.

Recite it to Mrs Fagan on your return to school to earn a sticker on your Culture Challenge sheet.

Prizes for best recitation also available!



We had a very busy week at The Linden Academy.

Update on the year 6 science experiment. Earlier in the month year 6 pupils placed bread in a number of differernt location to see the impact. Some results below:


Reception class have been learning about harvest and ended the week with the children dressing up as book characters: We had lions, tigers, ducks and even superheros in the building today!

Year 3 pupils have been learning about Egyptions. The ended the theme of learning by dressing up as egyptions:


Yesterday (Thursday 18th October) our 6 pupils took part in an challenge run by vauxhalls. They had to design and plan a factory to build their new vans. The pupils had a great time Mrs Whittle and Rob were left to clean a very messy hall!

Our year 6 pupils travelled over to our sister academy The Vale Academy where they took part in "guess your job" activities. They met a arange of employers from Luton and and to guess what they do by just asking them open and closed questions.

A big thank you to everyone that took part.

Some quotes from our pupils:

"I learnt about construction and i met a pilot and learnt about what he does" - Sheneka

"I got to meet important people and find it very interesting" Siyah

"Believe in yourself and you can be anyone" I loved meeting Captain Mike the Pilot. Krish

"I really enjoyed the afternoon and it showed me somany different jobs. I loved how everyone was friendly and answered our questions with pleasure" Marwa


Year 6 Maths and English Trip to Alwickbury!



Cooking and eating vegetable soup!


Can you guess what Wicktoria is playing?


Look at what I found in the fridge! A science experiment for year 6 pupils. Can any have a guess as to what they are trying to achieve? Thats bread in bags!



A busy week at The Linden Academy this week. We have had a lot of fun learning and ensuring we are utilising all our spaces inside and outside the classroom.

We had a great turnout and a very positive response from parents for our year 6 achievement evening where Mrs Woodhams, Miss McLay, Mrs Mitchell  and Mr Gayle shared resources and guided parents on how to support with SATs exams.





Phonics Free Flow in Action - Well done Blossom Class.



We had a lot of fun learning about International Peace day this afternoon. The pupils in year 3 decided to be very creative and used different materials to fill in the doves. It was decribed as the best lesson ever but Mr Smith's classroom floor was very messy!



Year 3 were invited to a French themed breakfast at Aldwickbury School on Friday the 14 September. The Children purchased food-using Euros, from selection of pastries, juices and hot chocolate available for them to enjoy. They throughougly enjoyed the experience. Merci Beaucomp!


Reception class on a safari hunt around the academy but they missed one animal!

THE SNAKE!! It was hiding behind the photocopier.



Alder Class in Year 4 have recently been learning about electricity. They were given the equipment to create their own circuits, and through a mixture of scientific exploration and teamwork they managed to work out how to make a bulb light up!

Some of the groups were ingenious enough to create circuits that lit up several bulbs and began to places switches in their circuits. The children commented that the activity helped them understand how we use electrical circuits in everyday life and are looking forward to learning how we will record our finding using diagrams. Well done Alder Class!


The reception teachers had a great time visiting pupils in their homes last week.

A fantastic first day at school. The children all have had a great time making new friends and exploring their new environment. We also had a visit from the farm to introduce our theme Roar, Moo, Buzz.

The children are buzzing with knowledge and we are excited about the year ahead.


Awards and Celebration assembly for KS2 pupils:

Learning Lockers!

Getting ready for our reception pupils!