This page is a brief summary of the curriculum we offer here at The Linden Academy. More detail can be found via our half termly ‘curriculum maps’ which are available to view at the bottom of this page.

English and Maths 

Like most state funded schools, we follow the National Curriculum to ensure that the teaching and learning of English and Maths is broad and balanced. This was reviewed in light of national changes to the National Curriculum for England and Wales. 

6 English/Maths sessions a week, plus additional sessions for spelling, grammar and punctuation and Guided Reading (English) and Arithmetic (Maths) ensure full coverage and an emphasis on the core skills.  

Phonics is introduced to the curriculum from entry into Year R as the children develop early reading skills. We follow the "Letters and Sounds" programme.

We use the "Oxford Reading Tree" series in progression through Year R and Key Stage 1 with the children following the stages in the scheme alongside a range of other resources dependent on need and assessments are carried out on a regular basis in order to plan for individual support across all abilities.


At The Linden Academy, we follow a virtues curriculum. This curriculum enables us to focus on a key aspect of humanity each half term. These range from Forgiveness to Kindness and are embedded in our reflection time, PSHCE sessions and assemblies.  


The Agreed Syllabus for Luton (2012/13) provides the platform for our RE teaching and learning here at The Linden Academy. Every major world religion is studied, with connections made across all faiths where possible. It remains the legal right of parents and staff to withdraw from RE sessions  (and also, from Acts of Collective Worship) should they chose to. This is by formal request in writing and after discussion with the Principal.


Science is a stand-alone subject enjoyed here at The Linden Academy. We follow the new National Curriculum (2014) in year groups other than Years 2 and 6. 


Changes to the National Curriculum for computing presented us with an exciting opportunity to develop this area of learning . ICT (now referred to as computing) continues to act as a stand-alone subject in its own right. 


A specialist French teacher teaches French across the entire school. Including Year R! Tres Bien! 


PE sessions are taught based on National Curriculum expectations and are taught by dedicated, specialist staff.  

History, Geography, Art, DT, Music 

All other foundation subjects are currently taught via a ‘Creative Curriculum’ approach. This means that  

The children learn in a cross-curricular way; enjoying aspects of all the foundation subjects under a theme such as ‘The Jungle’. Key objectives are very much based around (although not exclusively) the National Curriculum.   

British Values 

…are not left to chance here at The Linden Academy. We specifically teach the values associated with our nation through the entire curriculum including history, PSHCE, RE and through our assembly programme. 

Curriculum Downloads

Parents wishing to learn more about the National Curriculum and its content should visit: 

Curriculum Information Maps for Parents/ Carers

If you wish to view the broad curriculum learning for your child for the second half of the Autumn term, please click on the relevant year group link below:

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