Curriculum Overview

At The Linden Academy we are committed to providing a creative curriculum which enables children to learn through exciting and stimulating topics.

The curriculum currently delivered is broadly based taking due account of the National Curriculum and British Values. We believe in each child working to their own ability level with clearly differentiated tasks set, that enable all children to achieve their full potential.We ensure that we cater for lots of different learning styles and encourage our children to regularly participate in activities beyond the curriculum.

For our aims relating to specific subject areas, please see the skills progression maps which show how the children’s skills are honed and build on previous learning year on year.

Our long term plan for each year group is below - the curriculum may change due to continuous evaluations but a broad outline is shown below...Please click on the links to open the page!

ScienceSkillsProgression2014 (1) PSHESkillsProgression2014 PhonicsSkillsProgression2014 (1) PESkillsProgression2014 (1)
MathematicsSkillsProgression2014 (2) HistorySkillsProgression2014 (1) GeographySkillsProgression2014 (2) ArtSkillsProgressioninProgress2014 (1)

Please find attached a brief paragraph about our curriculum and some jigsaw overviews to post on the website together with progression maps for each subject.

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Year 4 Year 5  

Year 6




English and Maths                        

Like most state funded schools, we follow the National Curriculum to ensure that the teaching and learning of English and Maths is broad and balanced. This was reviewed in light of national changes to the National Curriculum for England and Wales. 

English and Maths sessions take place every day, plus additional sessions for spelling, grammar and punctuation and Guided Reading (English) and Arithmetic (Maths) ensure full coverage and an emphasis on the core skills.  

Phonics is introduced to the curriculum from entry into Year R as the children develop early reading skills. We follow the "Letters and Sounds" programme.

Our reading scheme works in progression through Year R and Key Stage 1 with the children following the stages in the scheme alongside a range of other resources dependent on need and assessments are carried out on a regular basis in order to plan for individual support across all abilities. When children are judged to be ready, they begin to choose their own books from our library selection.

In Upper Key Stage 2 (Years 5 & 6), children follow the Accelerated Reader programme which adds a competitive edge to reading for pleasure.

Maths Calculation Policy

Our calculation policy has been written in line with the programmes of study taken from the revised National Curriculum for Mathematics (2014). It provides guidance on appropriate calculation methods and progression. The content is set out in stage blocks under the following headings: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.




At The Linden Academy, we follow the PSHE Association Programme of Study as applied to Key Stages 1 and 2. This programme is widely signposted by the government as the "go-to" guidance for teachers and school leaders when planning the PHSE curriculum.

PSHE Association Education Programme of Study


The Agreed Syllabus for Luton (2012/13) provides the platform for our RE teaching and learning here at The Linden Academy. Every major world religion is studied, with connections made across all faiths where possible. It remains the legal right of parents and staff to withdraw from RE sessions  (and also, from Acts of Collective Worship) should they chose to. This is by formal request in writing and after discussion with the Head.



Science is a stand-alone subject enjoyed here at The Linden Academy. We follow the new National Curriculum across all year groups. 


Changes to the National Curriculum for computing presented us with an exciting opportunity to develop this area of learning . ICT (now referred to as computing) continues to act as a stand-alone subject in its own right. 


A specialist French teacher teaches French across Key Stage 2. Tres bien!




PE sessions are taught based on National Curriculum expectations and are taught by dedicated, specialist staff.  

For further details about PE & Sport at TLA, please view the designated page by following the link below:

History, Geography, Art, DT, Music       

All other foundation subjects are currently taught via a ‘Creative Curriculum’ approach. This means that the children learn in a cross-curricular way; enjoying aspects of all the foundation subjects under a theme such as ‘The Jungle’. Key objectives are very much based around (although not exclusively) the National Curriculum.   

British Values 

…are not left to chance here at The Linden Academy. We specifically teach the values associated with our nation through the entire curriculum including history, PSHCE, RE and through our assembly programme. 

Curriculum Downloads

Parents wishing to learn more about the National Curriculum and its content should visit: 

Curriculum Information Maps for Parents/ Carers

If you wish to view the broad curriculum learning for your child for the next half-term, please click on the relevant year group link below:









Arts Mark/ Culture Challenge

As a school, we have signed up to work towards a creative quality standard for schools, accredited by the Arts Council England, known as ARTSMARK. The aim is to incorporate Art and Culture into every pupil’s life and learning.

How are we going to achieve our goals?

1. By developing the Creative Curriculum to include more “hands-on” activities and “experiences”.

2. Introducing children to ‘The Culture Challenge’.

3. Developing an “Arts Week” for each year group every half-term from September 2018.


The Culture Challenge aims to encourage you and your children to explore, experience, enjoy and make great art and culture.

By following the link below you will find a Culture Challenge Checklist and the idea is that if you visit somewhere or take part in a cultural activity your child can tick it off their list and aim for an award. There are also some ideas shown in the link entitled “Brick Wall”

Take part in 5 challenges for Bronze, 10 for Silver, 15 for Gold and 20 for Platinum.

Each class has been given a “Culture Bear”. If your child knows in advance where they are going they can ask to take Culture Bear home and have a photograph taken which they can then bring into school in order to talk about their experience. The photo will then go into a class scrapbook. We are hoping that at some point each child will be able to have the opportunity to take Culture Bear on a visit.

Artsmark Parent Letter

The Culture Challenge Checklist

Brickwall Culture Challenge


The Linden Academy Culture Challenge for the Summer Holiday is to take part in the local Museum Explorer Passport. Follow the link and begin your expedition through time and local history.

Bring your completed passport to school in September to receive a Silver award on your Culture Challenge sheet.