The Linden Academy Parent Survey showed that an overwhelming majority of our families felt that “the standard of behaviour is excellent” at The Linden. Positive comments were communicated as follows: “Very good morals and values are instilled in the children”, children are taught “to have positive relationships with other children & adults” and the school has “a good praise, reward and sanctions procedure which is consistently followed through”. 

The designated lead member of staff for Behaviour at The Linden is Mrs C Sillars (Vice Principal). The links below show The Linden Academy Behaviour Policy and a copy of our bespoke and unique "Values" system which provide a consistent structure for behaviour management along with class and year group appropriate systems as agreed by the children at the start of each academic year in accordance with the UN Rights of the Child.

TLA Behaviour Policy

"The Linden Academy Values"

During the Autumn Term we have made some revisions to our Behaviour Guidelines. Please click on the links below to read a letter sent to families by our Head of School, Mrs Whittle as well as the revised guidelines themselves which are on display in every classroom.

The Linden Academy Values


Children at TLA are familiar with the expectations of our behaviour guidelines and the rewards and sanctions associated with the choices they may make in their conduct at school. These "ladders" are discussed and agreed by the teaching staff and the pupils in order that a consistent approach is made throughout the school. The standards are regularly revisited with recognition of those consistently showing appropriate conduct being our focus.

Communication with Pupils

Behavioural expectations are well-known within the school community, with the Rewards & Sanctions procedures being followed by all staff.

As part of the expectations, bullying is not tolerated in any form. This message is discussed with the children along with clarifying their perceptions about what bullying is.

The presentations below have recently been shown to children as part of our ongoing message. The presentations differ in order to be age appropriate.

Anti-Bullying Key Stage 1

Anti-Bullying Key Stage 2